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        • Ursus Speleos - CSO of the Week

          30 May 2012
          Exploring Society "Ursus Speleos" – Skopje (IDUS) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2001. Its core activity is speleology as an interdisciplinary science, and also care, promotion and maintenance of the environment, encouraging initiatives and activities that contribute to the protection, maintenance and improvement of the environment, with particular emphasis on karst areas.
          Ursus Speleos
          Ursus Speleos

          IDUS is a member of Macedonian Speleological Federation (an IDUS member is the president of the federation), Macedonian Federation of Mountain Sports, Speleological Federation of the European Union (an IDUS member is a federation delegate), Balkan Speleological Union (an IDUS member is in the Presidency), Tourism Chamber of Macedonia. For these organizations IDUS has organized more speleological camps (Slatina 2002, Slatina 2003, Slatina 2004), speleological exspeditions (Peshna 2007), as well as the 2010 Balkan Speleological Meeting in the territory of the protected area "Jasen."

          At the moment, IDUS is the most developed society for exploring the surface and underground karst areas (caves and pits). IDUS works closely with many governmental and non-governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Institute of Biology, Institute of Geography, Institute of Chemistry), Centre for Crisis Management, JPUZPP "Jasen", Macedonian Red Cross, Macedonian Ecological Society, Ecological Society "Treska" and others.

          With these institutions IDUS has implemented several activities, such as publishing papers, logistical support for researching speleological objects in the natural monument canyon “Matka”, promotion of alternative tourism at the Tourism Fair - Ohrid 2010 etc.

          As a result of specific issues which IDUS deals with and the qualified expertize of the team members, IDUS is actively involved in activities related to the preparation of relevant reports and studies related to the assessment of human impact on the environment, analysis of protected areas, analyses related to speleology and more. Below are listed some of the activities, reports and studies prepared by the Exploring Society Ursus Speleos - Skopje:

          • Report on existing infrastructure equipment and measures to improve the situation of the cave “Sharkova Dupka” (at the request of the National Park Mavrovo);
          • Report on existing infrastructure equipment and measures to improve the situation of the cave “Samotska Dupka” (at the request of the National Park Galicica);
          • Opinions about the impact of quarry on the environment and speleological buildings in the village Belica (Makedonski Brod) (at the request of MEPP Sector - Nature);
          • Promotion of alternative travel tours through the protected area "Jasen";
          • Study on the validity of the cave “Slatinski Izvor” and its surroundings as a monument of nature (at the request of MEPP Sector - Nature).

          The main motivation to join the Climate Reaction network lies in the following reasons:

          • To influence governmental organizations for better regulations in the area of environmental preservation,
          • To better understand the climate change adaptation,
          • To strengthen the capacity of the society.

          In order to do so, Ursus Speleos regularly attends and contributes to every planned activity of the network, and will participate in future explorations about underground waters etc. The organization offered its full support during the CVA report production.

          Visit ursusspeleos.com.mk for more information, or send an e-mail to contact@ursusspeleos.com.mk

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