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          The debate with the subject Climate challenge vs. Macedonian response was organized and facilitated by CSO Molika on September 28 in Bitola. This event was conducted within the regional EU IPA project SEE Forum on CCA, implemented by Macedonian Red Cross.

          Pece Ristevski, PhD of the Hydro-meteorological Institute of Macedonia and the national CSO network coordinator, Vaska Cvetanoska Panova, were the main speakers, while the host of the debate was Petar Andonov, from the CSO Molika.

          The main topic of the discussion was the current situation and climate change in the region of Bitola. Moreover, participants were interested in the local fires, how they reflect on the loss of forests and thus the reduction of clean air around Bitola.

          There were 25 participants at the debate, including CSO members from Molika, Treska, Ursus Speleos, Macedonian Red Cross and it Bitola branch; representatives of local government institutions such as Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Protection and Rescue Directorate. At the end of the debate, members of the physics club from primary school Dame Gruev shared their knowledge on the HAARP systems and their effects on human health and climate.

          The general conclusion of the event was that only joint and coordinated activities between civil society and local government can better educate the population about the risks of climate change and ways to adapt to it.

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