• Macedonian Network "Climate Reaction"

          Within the IPA project “SEE Forum on Climate Change Adaptation”, the Macedonian Red Cross is taking active participation in mobilizing a network of civil society organisations from the social, economic, environmental and humanitarian area. Using previous experience in the field of climate change, together with 18 different civil society organizations, the Macedonian Red Cross is working on climate change adaptation addressing various climate issues. On 22 June 2011 the Climate Reaction Network was officially established, marked by the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Climate Reaction Network. This document provides the legal framework and further describes mission and tasks of the network.


          The Climate Reaction Network gathers Civil Society Organizations in Macedonia, working in the fields of environment, education, development, democracy, humanitarianand healthassistance, social affairs and business. It represents a permanent platform for cooperation between its members with the purpose of raising awareness within general public and decision makers about Climate Change and its consequences.

          The Climate Reaction Network fosters sustainable development and promotion and implementation of highest standards in Climate Protection and Adaptation, in order to reduce disaster risk and health consequences of climate change of the Macedonian population, especially of the most vulnerable groups (e.g. elderly people, children, people with limited access to health care, Roma population).


          • Аdvocating and influencing decision makers on the necessity of climate change adaptation through verbal and/or written communication, meetings and adoption of appropriate documents.
          • Raising awareness on the necessity of climate change adaptation and of scaling up risk reduction measures within decision makers and the general public (e.g. greater awareness of environmentally sustainable living) through public campaigns, press releases, studies on climate change and meetings with representatives of the government and other state and non-state institutions in order to reduce vulnerabilities.
          • Coordination and cooperation between Civil Society Organizations and relevant governmental institutions in the field of climate change adaptation.
          • Information exchange between Network members about activities, praxis and studies on climate change.
          • Regular monitoring and informing members of the Network on relevant knowledge and activities about climate change at European, regional and broader International level.

          The Climate Reaction Network during thepolicy priorities workshop (Skopje 21-23 June 2011) made a decision on which climate change issues will be the main priorities of the network. Guided by the second national communication on climate change in Macedonia, the Network paid attention to the most relevant climate change issues.

          Priorities of the Network

          1. Health
          2. Disaster risk and response
          3. Agriculture and forestry
          4. Water
          5. Energy

          Network purposes

          1. Advocacy/lobbying
            Involvement of civil society organizations in the decision making process regarding the climate change issues in Macedonia
          2. Awareness raising
            Informing the public about the causes and consequences of climate change
          3. Information exchange
            Bilateral information exchange between civil society organizations and relevant institutions

          Members of the Climate reaction network

          • Macedonian Red Cross
          • Association of Albanian Women in Macedonia
          • Journalist for Children and Women Rights and protection of Environment CeProSARD - Center for promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and rural development
          • Organization of Women of City of Skopje
          • Science association URSUS SPELEOS
          • Intercultura
          • Powerful Voice
          • Movement for the environment MOLIKA
          • ZONA -Kavadarci
          • Center for Science and Youth Prilep
          • Alpine association Patagonija Ohrid
          • Ecological Association "Treska"
          • Mountain Sports Federation of Macedonia
          • DECERE-Development and Educational Center
          • ORT - training for sustainabilty
          • Training and Sustainable Development
          • Youth4love
          • Grasnica







          • Gallery

            • Macedonia 12. May 2011.
            • Network kick off event
            • From 21 – 23 June 2011
            • Climate Reaction workshop in Macedonia
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