The South East European Forum on Climate Change Adaptation (SEEFCCA) announces


                    C A L L   F O R   E N T R I E S


               for video messages concerning climate change and climate change adaptation issues in the region of South East Europe.



          The main goal of the videos is to convey the message: "The climate has changed… Have you?"


          The Contest has a regional character. Eligible videos are from: Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.


          The best five messages will be used in a regional SEEFCCA TV awareness raising spot. Furthermore, the best message will be awarded with a Canon Powershot A3200.

          Additionally, selected videos will be displayed and promoted on our internet channels (websiteYouTubeFacebook).

          The topic

          Videos must address one of the following topics:

          • Water and Climate Change
          • Energy and Climate Change
          • Biodiversity and Climate Change
          • Health, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change


                    CONDITIONS FOR ENTRY


          1.       Who can participate?

          The call is open for all potential participants with no age limits. We expect and encourage the participation of students independently or through school projects, as well as citizens interested in this form of activism.

          2.       Number and length:

          • The maximum number of films that one author can submit to the contest is 5 (five).
          • The individual length should not exceed 30 (thirty) seconds.

          3.       Devices:

          The Call is addressed to the general public, so only films made using amateur techniques can participate. That means we are looking for films made with:
          • mobile phones
          • digital photo cameras
          • digital video cameras

          4.       The entries should be submitted by November 16th, 2012

          The applicants need to submit:


          5.       Incomplete applications will not be considered.

          6.       Films that are submitted for consideration will remain in the SEEFCCA archives.

          7.       Organizers retain rights to use the films solely for promoting SEEFCCA. Certain selected videos will be shown on our web channels (YouTubeFacebookwebsite) without being given an award.

          8.       Organizers confirm that they will not use films for commercial purposes.

          9.       No fee will be paid for the use of selected videos.

          By participating in the contest you accept all the conditions for entry and the agreements.


          The winners will be notified by November 25th 2012, and also announced on our website www.seeclimateforum.org.


          When you enter the contest you agree to:

          • I agree that the video can be used for the purpose of promiting topics related to the work of the SEEFCCA.
          • I agree especially that the videos can be uploaded and publicaly available on websites and online-channels used by the SEEFCCA (website, facebook, youtube, …)
          • If my video is selected as winning video, I agree that it can be used in an awareness spot, which also can be shown publicly on TV stations, other websites, etc.
          • I am aware that there are no other fees or awards that are granted to the author then the ones mentioned in the call which is available on our website www.seeclimateforum.org
          • I am aware that only full apllications with a appropriate video that contributes to the aim of the call can be accepted
          • I state that the video was a genuine work created by myself / our team and does not violate any copyright laws or work of other authors.
          • I am aware that all the points abvove are accepted by myself when submitting my apllication without any further signature necessary.
          • I am aware that minors need the agreement of their parents to enter the contest and if asked to also have to provide a proof of that in written form.
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