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          What climate change is, how to adapt to it and what the possible consequences are for the life on Earth, are the main topic of the campaign “Adapt!” and the event which will take place on Wednesday, September 5th at 18h at Republic Square in Belgrade, Serbia. This event will be organized by the Climate Forum, the CSO network from Serbia.

          The event will contain a quiz on climate change, and the most successful participants will be rewarded by the organizers. After the quiz, there will be a performance by the art group “Cirkusfera”.

          Environmental Improvement Centre has announced that similar events will be organized across Serbia in cooperation with Goethe Institute from Belgrade within the national campaign “Adapt!”. Environmental Improvement Centre is the national coordinator of the Serbian network within the SEE Forum for Climate Change Adaptation. World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) also participates in the network activities, which are supported by the Secretariat for the Environmental Protection of Belgrade.

          All materials and videos from the campaign, as well as event announcements can be found on our website.

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