• Serbian Network "Climate Forum"

          The national network for adaptation to climate change is an informal network of 17 civil society organizations (CSOs) from Serbia, coordinated by the WWF and the Environmental Improvement Center (EIC). It was founded as a part of the IPA project „South-East European Forum on Climate Change Adaptation“, realized by the Austrian Red Cross and numerous partner organizations.

          The goal of the Forum is to form partnerships among social, economic, humanitarian and environmental organizations to deal with the challenges faced in the area of the environment and climate change. On top of that, the Forum is active in raising awareness of the relationship between climate and development among the general public, state institutions, decision-makers and business sector, but also advocates international climate justice.

          Priorities and goals

          The National Network for Adaptation to Climate Change formulated three priority groups for their activities aimed at

          a) Multi-sectoral cooperation (national, regional, and international),

          b) Adaptation to climate change consequences, and

          c) Preventive long-term and wide-scope activities aimed at decreasing the causes for climate change in Serbia.

          Based on these priorities, the following general goals were defined:

          • Raising awareness about the importance of adaptation to climate change through educational and promotional activities
          • Education of stakeholders and decision-makers via trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences in order to diminish both causes and effects of climate change
          • Mobilisation and inclusion of the public in the decision making process on the adaptation to climate change
          • Advocating for increased energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy resources and for establishing eco system services to protect against climate change
          • Improvement of inter-sectoral cooperation in the climate change adaptation processes, and exchange of good practices in the sector of economy
          • Strengthening of local authorities for a more efficient adaptation to climate change

          Member organisations

          WWF (World Wilde Fund for Nature)

          Environmental Improvement Center (EIC)

          Red Cross of Serbia

          The UN Global Compact in Serbia

          Serbian Chamber of Commerce

          Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities

          Young Researchers of Serbia


          Bureau for Social Research, Belgrade

          CEKOR, Subotica

          ProConcept, Belgrade

          Academic Society for the Study and Conservation of Nature, Novi Sad

          Association of refuge, Novi Sad

          Ekocentar, Belgrade

          Environmental Association Avalon, Vrsac

          Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence

          Society of Young Researchers Bor

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            • Serbia, 23 September 2011.
            • Signing ceremony in Belgrade
            • Serbia, 23 September 2011.
            • Signing ceremony participants
            • Serbia, 23 September 2011.
            • Signing ceremony presentation
            • Serbia, 23 September 2011.
            • Signing ceremony network coordinator
            • Serbia 20 April 2011.
            • Network kick off event
            • 17 - 18 May
            • Communication training, Belgrade
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